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Writing makes me feel like the first time I fell in love.
I was giddy and giggly.
Shy but passionate.
I have so much to tell you paper,
I want you to know everything about me.
But alas,
The pen won’t let me be great.
It hates my love of words wanting to be etched on paper forever.
So, it’s a (writers) block,
If you will.
Just like when you fall in love you’d go to the ends of the earth for that person,
Me for the ability to string these words together.
To paint a picture of my love affair with words.
To show there’s nothing more important than breathing air
And writing is air for me.

God Talk

I talked to God today, she told me to write. A woman, whom I had never met before, told me to write. She told me to write as if that wasn’t the only that races through my mind 5x a day. Like there aren’t 136 different story plots floating around in there. Like I couldn’t get myself to bleed these words even if I sliced all 8 fingers and two thumbs. I do not have the words to write. “But you do.” I do not have the pain to write. “But you do.” God has been haunting me every single day saying write write write and here she was face to face with me shoving the pen in my face saying write. Use your gift my child. What are you waiting on? And so I’m here.

Find Yourself

It is imperative that you find yourself.

This world is cold and not good.

It is imperative that you find yourself
In something other than what people perceive you to be.

It is imperative that you find yourself
rooted with foundation,
and unmovable.

You will be tried.
You will be shaken.
Your foundation will be threatened.
It may even tremble.

But if it is rooted,
But if it is rooted,

It will never loosen,
Never move from its core.

If it’s built on something solid
No matter what is thrown at it
It will never be destroyed.

It is imperative that you find yourself.

Write a scene where a couple get into the biggest argument of their marriage-in a small fishing boat, on their favorite lake, at dawn. The motor broke, and they are far out.

“I told you not to go out so far, now we’re stranded. No one is going to come looking for us for hours.”

“Enough already! All you know how to do is criticize. I’m sick of it. You think you’re always right and the sun rises and sets on your ass. Well guess what, it doesn’t.”

“You’re upset with me because you don’t listen? Have at it, Dear. Be mad.”

“I SAID ENOUGH! I have had enough of you. I want a divorce. I’ve already been looking at places.”

“You…you want a divorce?”

“I’ve wanted one for a while now. We aren’t in love like we used to be. We’ve both changed and grown apart.”

“A divorce?  After everything we’ve been through?”

“Here we go.”

“After the miscarriages?”

“We said we wouldn’t talk about that anymore.”

“Am I supposed to forget we lost our babies, John?”

“Laura, look I’m sorry, it’s too painful to talk about. We’ve been together since we were 15. We owe it to each other to heal apart.”

“What do we tell our eight year old daughter? Mommy and Daddy are sick of each other, so we are going to live separately.”

“We tell her the truth. Mommy and Daddy aren’t in love anymore.”

Are You Fulfilled?

Good morning.

I hope you’re reading this with your morning coffee, or if you’re like me, you’ve stumbled upon this while checking your emails. I’d like to get straight to the point here. Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you excited about waking up in the morning? Are you eager to get to work? Does your job fulfill and exceed your expectations for the life you’d like to lead? I ask because these thoughts have been plaguing me for days. I am not living up to my highest potential and that is not fulfilling. Life is too short to be mundane. Nowhere does it say you have to live ordinary. You have to work like this in order to survive. I was not put here to survive. I was put here to live. To be fulfilled. To give my out my gifts because they complete the world and that completes me. I am passionate about my storytelling and poetry. I am free in that space. I am truly and uniquely me. There is no greater joy than doing what I was put on Earth to do. Does your everyday work make you feel like this? Are you passionate about it? Does it make you jump out of bed in the morning? Are you fulfilled?

Must your mate believe in your dreams as much as you?

“Yes, If not more!”-Male, 29


“Not as much as me because it’s hard to see some things when your weren’t given the vision but I would just like my mate to believe in me enough to allow me to go after my most foolish dream.” -Male, 28


“As much as me, no, but he must believe in them enough to motivate and push me. It’s hard for someone to believe in dreams of others just as much as the person that has the dreams.” – Female, 27


“Yes, for me I need the support and if you don’t believe I can do something as much as I can it can take away from the euphoric feeling when something comes up. I need to be able to celebrate it all with you whether it be my dreams or his.” – Female, 28


“No one will 100% believe in your dreams. If she supports me and try to understand the things I’m passionate about then that’s all you can ask for.” -Male, 29


Your mate must hold a level of support for their significant other. Support must always be shown, even when they have heard it a million times.” – Female, 28

Who do you love? What are you doing about it? 

“I love my daughter and I love my husband. I tell and show them daily by not only being present but showing my appreciation for them both.”- Female, 28


If it’s true love I’ll let them him know my feelings. Letting it be known I think us the greatest thing you can do initially.” -Female, 28


“Romantically I love my girlfriend. I’m going out of my way to let her know she is special, I express my love regularly, I support and encourage her non stop.” – Male, 28


“I’m currently not in love with anyone. But I love all friends and family.”-Male, 29


“My soulmate and we practice that love every moment we’re in company.” -Male, 29


Is it important for your partner to be vulnerable with you? 

“Vulnerability is important because it allows people to be stripped of their “cool”. You can see a bit more into a person when they open themselves up to be so sincere.” Male, 28

“I think vulnerability is an important piece to a relationship. It shows your partner you’re not afraid to be raw and open. Being honest provides another level of commitment in the relationship beyond just when things are going great.” Female, 28

“I would say yes. I need to be able to open up to you in ways that I can’t with others without feeling judged and I would want to provide the same comfort to him. It’s important to be able to talk about and feel anything with my partner and we can get through it.” Female, 28

“Vulnerability means you are powerless with me. I want my mate to be empowered by me. I don’t want anyone I’m with to feel helpless or they can’t do anything without me. They should feel the opposite. That’s true love.” Male, 29

“Yes, being in a healthy relationship means you’re able to be completely open and comfortable with the person you’re with.” -Female, 27

“Yes and vice versa… falling in love is being vulnerable.” -Male, 29


What should a healthy relationship provide for the people in it?

“Peace! This and support go a long way in relationships. People are too busy fussing that they lose focus of what’s really important in relationships.” -Female, 28
“A healthy relationship should provide emotional security, support, love, and peace of mind.” -Female, 27
“A healthy relationship should have the people in it looking, and feeling healthy while also being happy. Each person should be smiling, laughing, and enjoying each moment.” -Male, 28
“A healthy relationship should provide both people involved a mental connection. Physical stimulation, chemistry, and material things fade. In my opinion, a mental connection is forever lasting. Look at it this way you’re only declared dead if your brain stops functioning. A connection that strong is one of uniqueness. There is something to be said for two people who are bonded together with a connection such as this.” -Male, 29
“A healthy relationship overall should provide a level of peace. Peace that your partner is truly committed to you. Peace in knowing this bond is not one sided.” -Female, 28
Love and Happiness like that Al Green song.” -Male, 29

How have you showed love to someone you didn’t know personally?

“I try to show love everyday to people I don’t know. I do a lot of listening to the people I run into. Listening is a powerful gift that we don’t utilize often. When I meet a new person I make it a point to learn there name and give them attention. Everybody has something to offer.” -Male, 29

“The world we live in today makes it easy to not love people we don’t know personally. I show love by understanding that everyone has there own version of self. And no version is better than the other.” -Female, 28

“Just by having conversation with people and listening with an open heart.” -Male, 29

” I can’t recall at the moment but I’d assume I met their need some way without them asking.” -Male, 28

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